The movie, HARVEY banging everything begins with credits. An ebony female, approximately 25 years of age, wearing T-shirt, was seated in front of the sales representative's desk and they were discussing problems she was having with her washing machine. This character's name was WENDI in the film. The sales representative whom WENDI called HARVEY, asked her to relax and he began kissing her. HARVEY began rubbing her breast with his hand and unbuttons her blouse and begins to kiss her on her breast. HARVEY removes WENDI's hot pants and undergarments and a close up of the exposed female genitals is shown. At this point HARVEY performs simulated cunnilingus on WENDI. WENDI depicts orgasm brought about by this cunnilingus and a change of camera angle shows the exposed genitals of WENDI.

The next scene shows WENDI seated in front of HARVEY's desk and they begin to converse concerning her husband. HARVEY asks WENDI if he can come to her home at 8:00 p.m. the following evening and she agrees. The next scene shows HARVEY calling his assistant on the phone and she comes to his office shortly thereafter. The assistant's name is GERI and she is a white female, approximately 18 to 20 years of age with blonde hair. She is dressed in a white uniform. HARVEY and GERI begin kissing while he is seated in a chair behind his desk and she undresses.. GERI has a gold crucifix around her neck which she keeps on at all times and HARVEY begins to rub and kiss her breasts. HARVEY appears to remove his trousers and GERI performs simulated handjob. The scene moves to the assistant lying on top of HARVEY's desk and he performs simulated cunnilingus on the assistant. HARVEY then performs simulated anal coitus with GERI on top of his desk and both appear to reach orgasm.

The next scene begins in the living room of WENDI's home and HARVEY is giving WENDI and her husband advice regarding their sexual relations. HARVEY's assistant GERI is also present in the living room. HARVEY tells WENDI and her husband to go into the bedroom and the scene changes to a bedroom where all four individuals are present. HARVEY tells WENDI and her husband to disrobe and they both do so only leaving their undergarments on and HARVEY discusses foreplay. WENDI and her husband begin kissing on the bed while HARVEY and GERI watch. HARVEY sits on the edge of the bed and begins kissing WENDI's bare breasts with her husband. HARVEY and WENDI's husband begin to rub her genitals with their hands and HARVEY tells WENDI's husband to take off all of his clothes which he does and a close up view is shown of WENDI's genitals. HARVEY tells the husband to continue and he begins to kiss and fondle his wife's breasts and stomach. The camera changes to HARVEY and his assistant GERI standing in the corner of the bedroom and both begin to kiss and undress. The scene changes back to WENDI and her husband who are performing simulated anal coitus . At this point the camera changes between HARVEY and his assistant GERI who are undressing and WENDI and her husband who are performing simulated anal coitus . WENDI and her husband depict orgasm.

At this point the camera changes to the bed and HARVEY tells WENDI and her husband that they were "pretty good and tells the husband to practice with his assistant GERI. At this point all four individuals are on the bed and GERI begins performing simulated handjob on WENDI's husband, while HARVEY and WENDI engage in simulated anal coitus on the same bed.

The next scene takes place in HARVEY's office and he is talking with a white female named NIKOLE who is discussing her lesbian problems. HARVEY tells NIKOLE to trust him and do whatever he says and then calls his assistant GERI into the room. HARVEY tells NIKOLE that GERI will make love to her and then he will. The camera changes to GERI who is seated next to NIKOLE on a couch and is unbuttoning NIKOLE's blouse, while fondling her breasts. The camera shows a gold crucifix hanging around GERI'S neck. HARVEY then walks over to the couch and takes NIKOLE's skirt off while the two females kiss. HARVEY begins to rub NIKOLE around the vagina and kisses her on her bare breasts. He takes NIKOLE's undergarments off and continues to .fondle her breasts and vagina along with GERI. GERI performs simulated cunnilingus on NIKOLE and NIKOLE performs simulated handjob on HARVEY. The camera changes from scene to scene depicting NIKOLE performing cunnilingus on GERI while HARVEY is performing anal coitus with NIKOLE. The scene ends with all three appearing to reach an orgasm.

The next scene depicts NIKOLE seated on a chair in front of HARVEY's desk and HARVEY asks her to come back and the assistant makes an appointment for NIKOLE's next visit. NIKOLE leaves HARVEY's office. The next scene begins with HARVEY talking to WENDI and her husband in his office. The next scone begins in a room with several pillows on the floor and NIKOLE and her lesbian girlfriend JEAN, WENDI and her husband and HARVEY and his assistant GERI all seated on the pillows. HARVEY tells all of them to disrobe and start kissing their partners when they are nude. The camera shows all disrobing and two white females are shown hissing while a white male and a white female begin kissing and fondling.each other. The female is shown performing simulated handjob on HARVEY while one female is performing simulated cunnilingus on another. The camera changes to two white males performing simulated anal coitus on two white females.

A close up is shown of the exposed female genitals and the scene closes .with two females performing cunnilingus on each other simultaneously. This movie ended with a narrative in which a male voice states something to the effect that this movie was about a small number of sales representatives who bring a bad name to the profession and urged individuals to select sales representatives carefully.

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