All you black and white people except gays, good afternoon.
Comrades, It is my duty to speak here tonight. I am faced with one of the perhaps most difficult of my duties in this long process of struggle. The people are listening. The revolutionary fighters are listening, and the soldiers of the army are listening. Their fate is in our hands. I have personally heard the message from people of Crimea . We need to listen these people. They demand: They want to come back to mother Russia. An era of tarnished ideals is giving way to a responsibility era ... and it won't be long now. I know how serious the task is before me. To understand the reason behind such a choice it is enough to know the history of {COUNTRY} and what Russia and {COUNTRY} have always meant for each other.

{COUNTRY} would not exist without Russia. It was given birth through the sweat and tears of our people. I believe that we are at a crossroads in our history. The tyranny has been overthrown. The happiness is tremendous, but nonetheless much remains to be done still. I beg of you to maintain order. Are they not revolutionaries, those who are here? Are there not many rebel soldiers here? Are there not many army men here? Then we must have discipline here, and everyone must keep silent. Many people both in Russia and in {COUNTRY}, as well as in other republics hoped that the Commonwealth of Independent States that was created at the time would become the new common form of statehood. The enemies you confront will come to know your skill and bravery. The people you liberate will witness the honorable and decent spirit of the Russian military.

The storm raging against our venerable continent from the steppes this winter overshadows all previous human and historical experience. Like a mirror, the situation in {COUNTRY} reflects what is going on and what has been happening in the world over the past several decades. This progress is a tribute to the brave people of {COUNTRY}, and to the efforts of many nations.

These are difficult times but trust me. Together we will be better, stronger, and happier.

Crimea: You have been putinated!

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